10th WA North Beach 2019 Report

We have had a steady year with a flurry of activity in recent weeks. New programming elements we have tried this year include self-defence, heavy physical training, soft-cross, an Anchors mini-MasterChef teaching them very basics of cooking while making delicious food (ie make Chicken Nuggets), Choose your own adventure writing. We were also able to acquire some decent Laser tag guns for a cheap price which can be used to varying degrees at various age levels. Old programming elements which we have re-used include Rockets, MasterChef for Juniors, woodwork, town planning for Environmentalist, and Connect-4 BB Knowledge. We also put on a Dinner Concert with 2-Course meal and funny stage show, a traditional of North Beach dating back decades.

Aragorn continues to be a super-important tool and the only way I can manage such a large company. It makes so many things easy and gives my families, of which most parents are about my age or younger and confidence that we are competent, because no parent in my area wants to see piles of paper and files. Effortless Admin.

Pan American Tour 4
We went to America for the 4th time in 15 years, to stay with the Neenah Brigade in Wisconsin. 4 weeks, host families, high school attendance, snow, and a jam packed Brigade activity at the worlds largest Brigade company.