13th WA Geraldton 2019 Report

2019 is my second year as company captain and I have had less time and energy to put into the company. However, due to the faithful work of our section leaders (Peter Shave – Seniors; Jenni de Vries – Juniors; Cherith Nelson-Milnes – Anchors) and their helpers, our company has held steady. Their faithful service with less support from me is a reason for great praise!
We have welcomed 2 new helpers, Daniel Abetz (Anchors) and Mitchell de Vries (Juniors).

Overall, we have seen a small decrease in our company numbers, Anchors grew to 10 (+1); Juniors dropping to 18 (-1) and Seniors to 9 (-1). This has included children withdrawing or graduating (-6) and new children joining (+5).

We continue to wrestle with having girls involved in the company and have decided that as of  2020 we will not be accepting any new girls into Seniors. We are prayerfully hoping to begin a Girls Brigade company in 2020/2021, dependant on having the required leaders.

Excursions and Expeditions are always a highlight of the calendar year for our company. This year the Juniors held a weekend camp on a farm with a day trip to a local activity park where they enjoyed archery and mini-golf and a bush picnic. The Anchors joined them for the activity park. The seniors conducted a level 1 expedition to Mullewa and a level 2 expedition to Murchison Station, involving camping, abseiling, hiking and sandboarding. As a whole company we recently enjoyed a bonfire and BBQ night at a local farm.

At our weekly meetings the Anchors have been thinking through the Fruit of the Spirit and as always have enjoyed cooking activities, especially the eating! The Juniors have engaged enthusiastically as they’ve thought through hard questions about Christianity and learnt about other cultures. The seniors have been working through 1 Peter and have enjoyed creating a 3D model of the terrain of the Greenough river hiking area and building basic electronics kits.

Looking Forward:
We approach 2020 with some uncertainty as some key leaders are unsure of their continual involvement. We pray this will soon be clarified, and that we will be able to raise up new leaders for the short and long term future.
In Christ,
Eion Simmons
Company Captain & Chaplain