20th WA Gosnells 2019 Report

The Renovations at GBC were complete earlier this year and everyone is enjoying the new facilities and it is making running activities far more enjoyable.

To promote ourselves within the local community we have commenced alternative marketing/outreach via the Maddington Bunnings Community assisting in their Fun Nights which run on the Wednesdays before Easter, Father’s Day & Christmas. We have run the three craft tables for Bunnings whilst having an information stand with flyers and a video promoting Brigade. Whilst running the craft it is a great opportunity to talk to the parents and kids about what Brigade has to offer. At this stage we have two boys’ join Brigade from our involvement on these nights.

We conducted a Company Fun Day in April 2019 at Kent Street Weir also inviting Girls Brigade. This comprised of a BBQ lunch and some fun activities including canoeing, BMX riding and some sports.

We are currently without a chaplain and everyone’s prayer on finding someone to fill this role would be greatly appreciated.

In the second half of 2018 we had a group of 7 Anchors regularly attending Boys’ Brigade. 5 of these boys were promoted from Anchors to Juniors for 2019. As we had a large group of boys moving to Juniors it was decided one of the helpers in Anchors, Leighton Fildes, would move up with the boys to assist in their transition. This has been very successful will all these boys now enjoying their time in Juniors.

During the first half of 2019 we have been blessed to welcome many new Anchors and have 9 boys in this section of the Company. New parents have come to us via our exposure with voluntary work at Bunnings Maddington, families moving to Gosnells’ Baptist Church, previous parents attending either Girls or Boys’ Brigade and looking for a Company for their children or families looking to find a Boys’ Brigade company in their area. The Company website has been instrumental in providing these new families with information about our Company and contact details for the different section leaders. I received several phone calls from families who found our Company through the website and were interested in details of our program.
All these families have enrolled their boys in Anchors.

The boys are energetic and very keen to learn. They have come together well as a group and are happy to help each other with a wide range of tasks throughout each evening. They are also quite competitive and like to be the Squad Leader whenever they can and, of course, win the games we play. We are blessed to have the opportunity to teach these boys about Jesus and how to grow and show God’s love in their daily lives.

Through our program we cover all the areas for the Anchors to receive their badges i.e. body, mind, spirit, community and creativity. Each term the program varies and I try to incorporate some different elements to enable all boys to find an area they excel.

Cassie Beacham is a wonderful young leader who brings knowledge, skill and a fantastic rapport with the boys to our Anchors program. She runs many activities and full evening programs at different times throughout the year. Leighton Fildes is a young Officer assisting with the Anchors and as mentioned previously moved with the Anchors promoted to Juniors at the beginning of 2019 so they had a familiar face in their new Section and were able transition more easily to a larger section and different program.
Please continue to pray for Boys’ Brigade and God’s blessing in the lives of the boys he brings to our Company.

This year we have had 12 boys in the Junior section who come most weeks. We have had different activities with the boys. We have had some changes this year as with becoming computerized with marking attendance etc. Also with using the manse. It is so good to have the new facilities to use. The boys have been learning through activities and devotions shared by Mrs Back and myself I really appreciate the help from Mrs Beck and Mr Fildes.

We are looking forward to our yearly camp in November. The boys and leaders enjoy this time together and it is a time to learn more about each other and to share Jesus with them. This year we are using the same Campsite as last year and the older boys are tenting.

HELP! May I ask that you would pray for Boys Brigade. Our leaders are getting older and we need younger men to continue this valuable work in sharing the Lord with the boys and their parents. So many I know who came to the Lord through their children attending BB and GB.

Please continue to keep us before the Lord in prayer.

Seniors in 2019 has had some variations from the previous year, one of the main ones being the introduction of the transition year, which has been headed by Jason Du Boulay. Not only has this helped maintain interest in the Brigade by the boys (some of which were in Juniors for excessively long periods), but also retained some attendance in Seniors, since we have had issues with boys leaving in their first year of Seniors from Juniors. The Transition year during  badge class have been focusing on more skill- oriented work rather than the most of the badges that seniors can offer, and it has been a great success. One issue that arose though is lack of attendance during the term due to miscellaneous reasons, resulting in the late completion of projects during the term.

For the older Seniors, the boys have progressed through their badge work, with some alterations to the BB Knowledge delivery in the form of quick quizzing every night to maintain high levels of engagement which has been run by Staff-Sergeant Reuben Fildes, as well as the addition of the Randall boys from the North Beach company which has been a great addition. In mid-October, the boys attempted a two day hike in Mount Dale, and after 27km and a gruelling effort, the boys managed to reach the end point with minimal incident (sore feet and ticks are a given).

At the start of the year in March, we did our customary start-up camp at Moore River, activities included Sandboarding, Canoeing, swimming (Jonathan was very much the target for any sort of abuse in the form of tennis balls, soccer balls and even some cricket bats during this one…), beach walks, and some community cards games, which was enjoyed by all. Despite the very stern instruction by the officers in charge, sunburn was still an issue for some of the boys (which they made very sure to let us know about)!

One large change during the year, has been the addition of the Survivor activities run by the North Beach Company at Gosnells Company for Term Three. Throughout the Term, James Lun and his crew, dubbed ‘The Dropbears’, has been leading this activity with a resounding success. This has been a very welcome addition to the program, and has been a great form of entertainment and engagement for the boys.

Tom Beacham
20th WA Captain