26th WA Eastern Hills 2019 Report

The beginning of the year saw some new leaders coming into the senior section of our company, including Glen Saw who has now become our company chaplain. A company chaplain has been a prayer point for some time now within our company, so we praise God for his provision with Glen.

Our anchor section started off the year with low numbers. Historically this has been the norm, as anchor boy’s progress into the junior section, then as the year progresses the enrolments increase. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened this year so far and so membership in this section remains low. At the time of this report this remains a concern and a point for prayer. The leaders in anchors run many different craft type activities that re-enforce the devotion that is given at the beginning of the night. Due to the age of the boys, much work is done before hand to prepare for the nights activities.

In the junior section, we currently have about 30 boys. This section has a devotion each night followed by games and some type of main activity. The different main activities have included, making ping pong ball guns, building catapults, other small wood working projects. A favourite for the boys has been building fires to cook on and any theme that includes outdoor activities in preparation for camping. A memory verse is also given each week and the boys are encouraged to work on this.

The senior section has continued to strengthen this year with some new leaders and a new lieutenant being enrolled. The boys have continued to take charge of leading their own group. This has been wonderful to witness. Of note we have 2 of our NCO’s achieve there Queens Badge. These are the first two Queens men that the company has produced in many years. We will also have 5 Boys that will receive their Sir William Smith award.

In term one the senior section again did an aviation course, in that the boys built and learned to fly their own remote control aircraft. This involved the boys learning to fly on computer simulators.

Spiritually the boys continue to work on giving devotions under the training of our company chaplain. A high degree of commitment remain among the boys to memorise scripture, including one of our NCO’s memorising the entire chapter of Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the bible, all 176 verses of it!

Once again we praise God for all his provisions, including a company chaplain and the maturing and leadership growth in our senior section.
Please pray for our anchor section that the membership would be bolstered in the latter half of the year.