7th WA Bull Creek 2019 Report

7th Bull Creek is a blessed company. It has the support of Westminster Presbyterian Church, strong leaders and a healthy number of boys in the 3 sections. The company continues to thrive by being Word centred and uncompromising in the training of boys to take on the traits of true Christian manliness.

A strategic change was made about 5 years ago to plan the activities for a term based around a  central Biblical theme. In other words, the devotions are planned first then the activities as opposed to the reverse. In the experience we have gathered over the years, it is our view that the evangelical outreach is far stronger and the retention of bible knowledge is higher. The unexpected by-product is company growth.

Each Brigade evening sees an average of about 55 boys in attendance and the encouraging number is the solid number of 14 boys in Seniors. Our weakness over the years has been retention of boys in the seniors section. Through God’s hands and his provision, we currently have a degree of stability in that section.

Another area of encouragement is the collaboration with other south of the river companies for joint activities. Bull Creek has enjoyed the fellowship of Riverton and Canning Vale in joint activities. The sharing of ideas, resources and knowledge has been strategically beneficial for the respective companies.

Further at Bull Creek, there is real unity between GB and BB. Both companies run on the same evening and there i the occasional joint activity. The leaders of the respective GB and BB companies work well together and enjoy combined interaction.

In total we have 12 leaders and helpers who love the boys and are devoted to their time at BB, it is a privilege to work with these leaders and helpers. We  are also supported in prayer by an elder of Session at the church. An area of specific prayer for our company is or God’s guidance and plan in the changeover of leadership.

Henri Chew Captain
7th WA Bull Creek