9th WA Riverton 2019 Report

It has been great having Bronwyn Whyatt, Cameron Burns and Geoff Chester join the Company as leaders this year, along with David Staer, Annelise Tan and myself.

We had also made the decision to change our meeting night, from Monday, to Wednesday evenings and also a change in time to 4:30-6:15. This has allowed us to meet alongside the Riverton Girls Brigade company, which I believe has gone a long way to giving both Brigade companies and has made the Church building feel more alive and welcoming. Although we lost a few boys due to the day and time change, we have also gained others who have come along with friends. We currently have, on average, 12-14 Junior section boys and 10-12 anchor section boys. We currently don’t have a senior section this year, but hope to start this up next year with the year 6 boys from this year.

It has been very helpful to have the BBWA Anchors curriculum to follow and use, so thank you to those involved in setting this up.

The junior section boys have done a range of activities from bike maintenance and a bike obstacle course to building bots, which they are currently doing.

We have had combined Mothers and Fathers Day evenings with the Riverton Girls Brigade and have also done two intercompany nights with the Bull Creek Boys Brigade Company, who also meet on a Wednesday. This was another reason why we decided to change our meeting day, so that we could have greater interaction with the Bull Creek Company, which has been really enjoyable.

Peter Coulson
9th Riverton Company Captain