Anchor Section

For per-primary through to year 2 school aged children.

The Program

Anchors Section where there is special emphasis on fun with activities such as games, craft, stories and outings and the chance to gain three Activity Badges. If you know anyone in this age range and your Company has this Section get them along!
Anchor ActivityAnchor ActivityAnchor Activity

How old do I have to be?

You can join your local Boys’ Brigade Anchors group anytime after you start going to school.

What do Anchors enjoy about their group?

Anchors just enjoy:

  • Playing great team games
  • Listening and telling stories
  • Doing craft
  • Earning some really neat badges
  • Having lots and lots of fun
  • Making good friends

What else is there to know about Anchors?

You get to wear a special uniform, different to what you wear to school so everyone knows you belong to Boys’ Brigade.

Your leaders will help you to learn new things about yourself, your friends and your world.You can go on with Boys’ Brigade right through until you leave school and become an adult – that’s a long time away for sure.In the meantime you will have a lot of fun times with good friends.

How to join?

Why not get Mum or Dad to contact the Boys’ Brigade office in your state or to talk with the leaders in your local area about joining BB Anchors group.Another way might be for Mum or Dad to give us their contact details online and we will get someone to help your Mum or Dad out.