Senior Section

For high school aged boys.

The Seniors Section Award System encourages and rewards members to challenge themselves further, especially to engage more directly in their local and wider community and issues that impact on their peers, themselves and the world as well as exploring further God’s creation. There is so much life out there yet to be discovered!

As a member of The Boys’ Brigade Australia you have become part of a large family not only with members in your own Company, your own State or Territory and across Australia, but also throughout the world.

BB is about developing you over your whole life so that you and others can and want to impact the world.

Everything we do in BB strives to achieve that – the weekly programs, the camps, the Award System, the mentoring your leaders offer in and out of formal BB activities, the leadership development opportunities, the wider and global fellowship of BB, and anything else that you can imagine BB can do.

Inspired and continually connected to the Creator of all of creation, BB is about helping you, others and the world be what it could be: a universe where  everyone and everything is, lives out and continues to innovate as God intended them to be, what has been called the Kingdom of God.

Plan your time wisely to obtain the greatest personal benefit from your membership of your Company and the wider world of the Brigade.

Make it your aim to gain the highest award, The Queen’s Badge, as part of your Brigade experience. In so doing, you will have conquered mental, physical and emotional challenges that will help you grow and be throughout your life “all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.”

Continually look out for as well as take hold of the opportunities to be recognised for your leadership skills, with the highest honour of formal leadership positions.

And most excitingly, watch out for and seek out the opportunities to experience the greatest alternative reality (often called the ‘true way’) of sharing your life journey with God himself.