BB Knowledge Information

Source: BBWA Queen’s Badge Guidelines – V1.1 Appendix 1

Forms and timing for BB Knowledge.

Award Criteria:

Awarded to a Boy who has satisfactorily completed the following three components of the award:

      1. The Boy’s Brigade Knowledge Assignment, and
      2. personal presentation at an interview conducted by BBWA representatives, and
      3. the successful performance of a Teaching and Instructing Assessment Task,

Minimum commencement age 16 BB age.

It is not a prerequisite for this award that the Six Month Service Badge, the BB Knowledge Preliminary Certificate and the BB Knowledge Certificate have been gained prior to commencement. However, it would be an advantage for the Boy if this were the case.

The purpose of the BB Knowledge Project is to demonstrate a good working knowledge of both the local and wider work of BB and express how BB has impacted you and others, reflecting and drawing on your personal thoughts, experience and interests, and present the results in a form that will benefit the local or wider BB setting, or deepen appreciation for the ministry of BB. It may also be in a form suitable for use in training (e.g., as a resource for training Junior Boys’ at Company level).

The project should be at least 2000 words (excluding appendices and supporting documentation) or equivalent effort where an alternative medium of communication to a printed report is selected (e.g., audio, video, website, computer program, combination of various media, etc.). It should not be a direct copy of some other work.

The project isn’t about having the ‘right answers’ – but a response that shows some logical flow of thoughts. Put in what you believe and why you believe it. You can also interview a variety of people relevant to youth topic (e.g., people from the local Church if you’re doing the topic about BB and Church relationships and use the information and attitudes revealed as the basis of the project. Any references used or people consulted should be listed.

Feel free to use your imagination. Be creative; you may include diagrams, photos, and cartoons, if relevant.

If submitting as anything other than a printed report, you will still need to submit at least a one-page report related to the project.

The standard of presentation should be of a high order consistent with your level of ability and the resources available. This document contains guidelines as to how the project should be set out.

Do not view the project as a dry research topic but something that will have a practical bearing on or deepen your appreciation of the local Company or wider BB scene.

To be eligible for The Queen’s Badge in the same year that you submit your BB Knowledge project you MUST:

      • Have successfully passed your BB interview
      • Successfully completed your BB Knowledge Teaching and Instructing Assessment
      • Submit the completed project no later than 30th January

These dates may vary from year to year. Please contact the BBWA CEO for confirmation of dates when undertaking the Projects.

The Table of Contents and completed projects may be submitted prior to these dates, but these are the final submission dates if you wish to gain The Queen’s Badge in the same year.

BB Knowledge Badge – Project – Guidelines for Boys

This assignment must have the following on the cover page.

      • Title – Boy’s Brigade Reflection
      • Name of Assignment  – Boys” Brigade Knowledge Badge Assignment
      • BB Logo – See Attached for correct logo
      • Your Name and Rank
      • A photo of yourself in full uniform on the front page (50mm x 50mm)

Table of Contents

      1. 200 Words describing your time in Boys” Brigade reflecting on the best parts of the BB Program to you.
      2. 200 Words describing your time in Boys’ Brigade reflecting on the worst part of BB to you personally.
      3. 200 Words on what you would like to see change within your company.
      4. 200 Words on your opinion of your LTC experiences.
      5. 200 Words on how you think your peers see or think about the Boys” Brigade.
      6. 200 Words on how you might see your experience in BB helping you in the future, in or outside of Boys” Brigade?
      7. 200 Words on why you would or would not stay on as an adult BB Leader/Helper within your company, or even in a different company.
      8. 200 Words on What skills have you used in leadership within your company and what do you think you have to offer as an adult Officer or leader or helper to a company in the future?
      9. Having read the assignment above, a statement from your Captain/Chaplain/OIC stating how you have used your leadership skills within your company.

Submission of the project
On completion of the project it should be forwarded to the headquarters of The Boys’ Brigade Australia Western Australia via mail or email. Your project MUST be received no later than 30th January.

The Project Submission Form Form 1.1 should accompany your project, with the relevant sections completed by you and your Company Captain.

Please note that unless the submitted project is accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope suitable for the return of the project, or other instructions about its collection from BB Headquarters, it will become the property of BBWA.

Assessment will be carried out by State President or delegated Officer.

BB Knowledge Badge — Interview – Guidelines for Boys

The purpose of the BB Knowledge interview is to examine your general knowledge, your understanding of the local (your Company) and wider work of BB, your personal role and experience, and how you can apply your experience and Brigade concepts to practical life situations,

The emphasis is for the interview to be like a job interview, assessing whether you have a working idea of BB and are a living ‘resume’ of BB’s benefits and results on a person’s life, It provides an opportunity for Officers independent of your company to develop an appreciation of your attitude, presentation and personal attributes, and confirm your Captain’s recommendation of suitability for The Queen’s Badge.

The interview format provides freedom to explore both the breadth and depth of your understanding. It is not supposed to be stressful or to assess your intellectual capacity or intelligence. Try to relax, the Officers interviewing won’t be trying to trick you.

Format of interview
At the interview you will be asked about:

      1. Your Company
        You will be asked familiar information about your Company to assess your awareness of the local program, your personal role within your company and the depth of your reflection upon your BB experience.
      2. General BB
        The interviewers will be seeking to ensure that you are able to satisfactorily explain BB to others, that you are aware of the Christian basis of BB and have an awareness and understanding of the wider aspects of BB. The knowledge you gained in earlier levels of the Boys’ Brigade Knowledge Awards will be helpful here such as Object, Motto, BB Origins and history, the history of BB in Australia, Senior’s Award System and the work and organisation of BB at local, state, national and international levels. You also need to have an understanding of the role of Senior Boys’ and the promotion of NCOs and their duties.
      3. Personal Views on Aspects of BB
        This section of the interview is to ensure that you have given adequate personal thought to aspects of your BB experience.The interviewers will not be looking for right’ or ‘BB endorsed’ answers here but rather the breadth and depth of your opinions – expressing your opinions and backing up your views. Some examples of things you could be asked here are:

        • How does BB develop leadership in a Boy?
        • What are some positive and negative issues related to our formal uniform?
        • Should BB have such an emphasis on discipline in its program?
        • What are the advantages and disadvantages of inter-Company interactions?
        • Why should a local Company be associated with a local church?
        • How relevant are the examples of the lives of the Officers?
        • How does the BB program encourage balanced personal development?
        • Should we bother with the badge system?
      4. Case Study
        The interviewers will be assessing your awareness, growth and reflection on events that could occur during your BB experiences by asking you for responses to ‘realistic’ BB scenarios” The situations may be ones that could occur on a BB night or event, or could be a situation outside of BB involving someone younger or a peer. For example how you would deal with specific situations as a Squad Leader or NCO.
      5. Personal Aspirations Be prepared to express what you have gained from your BB experiences, including your own spiritual growth. The interviewers would also like to have an idea of what you intend to do in the future with the skills and experience you have developed within BB.
      6. Uniform Inspection Be prepared to have your uniform inspected by the interviewing officers

How to apply for an interview
Complete an Application for Interview form, have your Company Captain complete and sign the relevant parts and send it to BBWA.

When and Where Interviews are Held
You will be advised of the date, time and venue for the interview. The interview will be carried out by at least two Officers appointed by BBWA. You must wear your full uniform to the interview and will be inspected.

If you are planning to qualify for The Queen’s Badge in the same year as your interview, your interview should be completed before the third Friday in August.

Interview Results
Your Company Captain will be advised of the outcome of the interview and the Interviewing Officers will notify BBWA Headquarters of the results.

BB Knowledge Badge — Teaching and Instructing Assessment Task – Guidelines for Boys

To qualify for this aspect of the BB Knowledge Badge you will be assessed on your ability to control a group of 4 – 8 Boys’ and teach them as a group, through verbal instructions, how to perform a series of functions/actions, that produces the predetermined desired result or goal.

You may choose to undertake this assessment by:

      • Instructing a Drill Squad Form 1.3 or
      • Another suitable activity approved by BBWA. Form 1.4

Discuss this task with your Company Captain before commencing this part of the BB Knowledge Badge.

Assessment task applications (with a detailed explanation of the activity to be undertaken) must be forwarded to BBWA by 31st July for approval. Form 1.4

Assessors will consider the following:

      • How effective is your teaching and training of the team to carry out a sequence of actions, and how they demonstrate; teamwork, concentration, and self-control.
      • How knowledge and explanations of the information is passed to the team so that they will be able to achieve the agreed task or goal.
      • Your physical appearance whilst instructing, and the presentation of your uniform will be part of the assessment.

Assessor for this task will be appointed by BBWA. Assessors will be Officers not personally associated with or from the same company that the Member is from.

Instructing a Drill Squad

      • Direct a Drill Squad through the three sequences of movements set out overleaf.
      • Your knowledge of the movements and the use of complete and correct commands are being assessed. While being assessed you may refer to the written sequence but can’t have the complete commands recorded.
      • know how you formally approach the examiner.

Second attempts are permissible, subject to the availability of the Drill Assessor, but cannot be on the same day as the first attempt.

Elementary Drill Instruction – at the time of the examination, the assessor will select three of the following movements for you to teach the Drill Squad.

      • Attention
      • About Turn
      • Marching in Quick Time
      • Slow Mark Time
      • Saluting to the Front

Squad Drill Instruction: You will be required to teach the Drill Squad the following movements.

      • Falling In
      • Changing Direction (Halt to Halt)
      • Forming Squad (Halt to Move)

Directing a Drill Squad through a Sequence of Movements
You will be required to direct a Drill Squad through each of the following sequences of movements.

A good starting and finishing position for each part of this routine is the centre of the hall.

  • Part 1
    • Fall In
    • Form Squad two ranks as per Squad Drill
    • Right Turn
    • Quick March
    • About Turn
    • Right Turn
    • About Turn
    • Right Incline
    • Left Incline
    • Left Turn
    • Left Wheel
    • Form Squad (on the left)
    • Halt
    • 4 Paces Left
  • Part 2
    • Slow March
    •  Left Turn
    • Right Wheel
    • Right Wheel
    • Right Turn
    • About Turn
    • Change Direction Right
    • Right Turn
    • Right Turn
    • Change Direction Right (At the Halt)
    • 4 paces Right
  • Part 3
    • About Turn
    • Change Direction Left
    • Slow March
    • Left Turn
    • Left Wheel
    • Left Wheel
    • Break into Quick March Time
    • Form Squad (on the Left)
    • Left Turn
    • Left Wheel
    • Left Wheel
    • Left Turn
    • About Turn
    • Halt.