Queen’s Badge – Badges required

A Boy applying for his Queen’s Badge must meet the following requirements:

  • 3 Silver One Year Service badges
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Leadership Levels

Core Awards

  • BB Knowledge Badge (top level)
  • Community Service Award at level 3
  • Scripture Knowledge Award at level 3
  • Citizenship Award at level 2

Activity Awards

  • 4 points from Skills/Hobbies Group
  • 4 points from Outdoor/Adventure Group
  • 4 points from Physical/Sportsman Group
  • and other 5 point from any activity awards groups.

Note: When determining the points gained towards The Queen’s Badge the number of points gained equals the total number of levels achieved within an activity group (or example; level 1 = 1 point, level 2 = 2 points etc.). Therefore, a Boy with Level 3 of an award has 3 points. If he has two Awards within a Group, namely, Hobbies Level 3 and Skills Level 2 he has 5 points in the Skills/Hobbies Group.

Community Service L3 and BB Knowledge Badge
Assessment of the Community Service L3 and BB Knowledge Badge Assessments and Projects will be carried out by the BBWA CEO or his nominee. The Boy’s Record Book (or equivalent document) must be submitted to the CEO along with the official application form for The Queen’s Badge by the due date as shown in the timeline or advised from the State Office to be eligible for the Queen’s Badge in that year.

Silver One Year Service Badge – There must be a minimum of 90% possible attendance at all Company Parade Nights (minimum of 25 nights) and at least an equivalent number of attendances at some form of voluntary Christian instruction other than a class held on the weekly parade night that is Church, Company Bible Class (where held on another day), Sunday school etc., however RE classes at school is not acceptable.

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