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The Queen’s Badge

This award is the peak award that recognises a member who has demonstrated a high principal that the Boys Brigade promotes. It can be gained by consistent application within the award program. You should make it your aim to gain this award. You may continue to work towards this award until the end of the session in which you turn 18BB age.

Presentation of the Queen’s Badge

BB Queen’s Badge presentation takes place annually, at the State Presentation Day.
The Badge is presented to the successful applicant by the Governor of Western Australia who is the WA Patron of BB, and the accompanying certificate is signed by the Australian Governor General as a representative of Her Majesty, The Queen who is the world Patron of BB.
This ceremony usually takes place, depending on the availability of Her Excellency.

Awards Required

A Boy applying for his Queen’s Badge must be at least BB 16 and gained the following awards and badges:

  • 3 Silver Service Awards
  • Complete Bronze, Silver and Gold BBWA Leadership Courses. That is 6 camps over 3 years. Each Course has 2 two camps.

Core Awards

  • BB Knowledge Badge
  • Level 3 Community Service Award
  • Level 3 Scripture Knowledge Award
  • Level 2 Citizenship Award

Activity Awards

  • 4 Levels from Skills/Hobbies Group
  • 4 Levels from Outdoor/Adventure Group
  • 4 Levels from Physical/Sportsman Group
  • and other 5 Levels from any activity awards groups.

Community Service L3 and BB Knowledge Badge
Assessment of the Community Service L3 and BB Knowledge Badge Assessments and Projects will be carried out by the BBWA CEO or his nominee. The Boy’s Record Book (or equivalent document) must be submitted to the CEO along with the official application form for The Queen’s Badge by the due date as shown in the timeline or advised from the State Office to be eligible for the Queen’s Badge in that year.

Silver One Year Service Badge – There must be a minimum of 90% possible attendance at all Company Parade Nights (minimum of 25 nights) and at least an equivalent number of attendances at some form of voluntary Christian instruction other than a class held on the weekly parade night that is Church, Company Bible Class (where held on another day), Sunday school etc., however RE classes at school is not acceptable.

Timing of the Award

  • 1st January (Year Prior to Presentation) Opening date to submit:
    • Service to the Community Level 3 Proposed Service Application Form 2.1
  • 31st March Final date to submit :
    • Service to the Community Level 3 Proposed Service Application Form 2.1
  • 31st July
    • BB Knowledge Teaching and Instructing Assessment Applications Form 1.3 or Form 1.4
  • 25th September
    • BB Knowledge Badge Assessments Interview Form 1.2
    • BB Knowledge Badge Assessments Drill / Alternative Form 1.3 or Form 1.4
  • 25th September Final date for the Company Captain to submit*:
    • The Queen’s Badge Approval letter
  • 30th January Final date to submit*:
    • BB Knowledge Badge Project Form 1.1
    • Service to the Community Level 3 Project Submission Form 2.2
  • September –  Proposed Queen’s Badge Presentation.

Record sheet