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Sir William Smith – Founder

Born: 27 October, 1854.
Place: Thurso, Scotland.
Knighted: July, 1909.
Died: 10 May, 1914, London.

William was born and lived in Thurso, a small country town, until he was thirteen when his father died on a business trip. Being the eldest, William was shipped to Glasgow to work with his uncle as a whole sale merchant.

With a military heritage from his father and grandfather, it was only natural that William would soon join the Volunteers, similar to today’s Army Reserves. During this time he was also an active member at the Free College Church in Glasgow.

He married his first wife Amelia in 1884 who was a great support and contributor towards William’s work with BB. She died in 1898 leaving him to raise their two sons Stanley and Douglas. In 1906 he remarried, however his second wife died a year later. Humble but visionary, William worked tirelessly to grow BB. During a BB Executive meeting in London, William fell ill and two days later passed away.