Being an example in real life 

BB is about you living life to the full by developing habits and attitudes that tend towards true Christian manliness.Although we are unlikely to achieve perfection in our teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc, it is about us constantly making progress physically, socially, educationally and spiritually, past a point where our peers and others around recognise us as guys of integrity, honour, self-control, ability and an ‘all-round top bloke.’ Be a good example for our great movement by your attitudes and behaviour.

Be confident about yourself 

People respect others who will stand up for and live out what they believe in (especially if it goes against what most others are doing).
Always remember there are people in BB that accept you as you are and recognise what you can offer others.

Australian adults often set poor examples themselves of suitable behaviour. With limited imagination, there’s a widespread false belief that you can’t have fun or feel free without being chemically influenced by drugs and alcohol.

Without even considering the negative health consequences these have on the developing minds and bodies of teens (especially when it’s the ‘social norm’ for teens to drink way beyond a healthy level) they affect your ability to think straight and be in control. Suggest or organise alternative fun experiences for your mates instead (think back to the games or other things you do in BB), or just stay firm that ‘you’re just not into it’. There are some negative experiences that you just don’t need to try.

Like any habit, the more you do something the more natural it becomes. Practice having a high standard in your attitudes, speech and behaviour. Keep your speech clean and positive.

Avoid ‘dirty’ conversations, swearing and anything that is religiously or culturally offensive or disrespectful. Keep your thoughts clean, and avoid looking at things on the web or other media that are inappropriate or harmful. Just as you watch what you eat to keep physically healthy, keep a healthy mind by watching what you think about and expose yourself to.

Like other aspects of you, your sexuality is a gift from God. Be proud of your body and look after it. God wants you to know sex at its best, which only occurs in a relationship where there is real commitment, love and trust – that is in marriage.Be the guy that is known for having healthy God-honouring attitudes and behaviours regarding sex and sexuality.

Apply yourself

People that are still admired after their lives are those that worked hard and long on achieving things rather than rely on being or getting lucky.
People that rely on gambling or luck as their main approach to success rarely achieve much.
Practice getting started early on tasks you have in order to complete them quickly (and then enjoy the guilt-free time after) or so you can put more effort into it to produce amazing results.
BB also tries to inspire you about the awesome range of activities and interests that you can engage with and skill up on while you are still young. Every week try to learn something new or improve your skill in.

Care about others

The best way to find good friends is to be a great friend. Friends help you define yourself and the kind of life you want to lead. Spending time with friends, both boys and girls, that want to live clean, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives will allow you to truly enjoy life well. Have a respectful attitude to all, especially with girls.
How you want to conduct yourself in these areas will ultimately be your choice, but while you are a Brigade member we expect you to avoid the things that are harmful to you and negatively influence how you enjoy life.