Level 1 (12 BB)

  • Fire making with an emphasis on conservation, bush fire laws and fire safety.
  • Extinguish and clean up a fire
  • Knots at the end of a Rope: – Thumb, Overhand and Figure Eight
  • Joining Ropes: – Reef Knot and Thief Knots. Sheet Bend.
  • Loops in a Rope: – Bowline, Figure Eight and Slip Knots
  • Tying a Rope to an Object: – Clove Hitch
  • Whipping

 Level 2 (13 BB)

  • Water in emergencies
  • Purifying water
  • Survival skills
  • Joining Ropes: – Fishermans knot
  • Loops in a Rope: – Man-harness and Chair
  • Tying a Rope to an Object: Rolling, Slippery and Timber Hitch and Round turn and two half hitches.

 Level 3 (14 BB)

  • Weather: include: interpretation of a weather map major cloud forms and associated weather sources of weather information, both climatological and forecasts and warnings implications of climate statistics
  • Knots: Lashing; Square, Diagonal and Shear.
  • Construction of a bush stretcher.

 Level 4 (15 BB)

  • Teach Level 1 & 2 rope skills to beginners

 Level 5 (16 BB)

  • Techniques for camping in rugged country.
  • Emergency bivouac camping.
  • Teach Level 3 rope skills to other Boys