16th WA Canning Vale 2018 Report

The Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade run concurrently on Monday evenings (5pm – 7pm) at the Community Centre in Canning Vale.
The boys and girls do separate activities but come together for a light meal each night.
Each family from Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade are rostered to manage the meal. This includes bringing the  food and helping with the meal.
Each child brings $3 per night to cover the cost of the meal with the responsible family being
reimbursed up to $60. The excess funds from this help reduce the brigade term fees that we charge.

We have used this model since we started brigades and have received very positive feedback from the parents. Parents with multiple children at brigades appreciate being able to bring all their children to the same place for brigades on the same night.

We recently moved our sign-in location to the foyer away from the children. The BB and GB captains sit together at a table to chat to parents as they arrive and receive meal money and term fees.

This has proved beneficial as it gives the parents an opportunity to chat with the captains without being distracted.

Our numbers have been steady with more children coming in recent years. The “bring a friend” night is popular and we also encourage the children to bring along friends on other nights as well.

A few leaders couldn’t continue after last year but God brought along new leaders who have filled the gap nicely.

Captain Peter Kuilenburg