41st WA Dale

Meets – Tuesday during school term
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Where – Armadale Congregational,150 Forrest Rd, Armadale. 

Contact: Ian Prangnell (Captain)
Mobile 0423 098 056

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Anchors Pre-Primary - Year 2
Juniors Year 3 - Year 6
Seniors Year 7 - Year 12

41st WA Dale 2019 Report
We have now been running for eighteen and a half years as a company and at the end of June 2019 our numbers have reached:- Anchors (5-7 years old) 3…

41st WA Dale 2018 Report
Our Anchor Boy Section is still recess due to the lack of a Leader. We currently have two boys who should be in Anchors joining in with our Juniors while…