Country Code

1. Realise the importance of good relations with landowners.
2. Always obtain the permission of landowners to camp on or pass through their land.
3. Know and observe bushfire regulations.
4. Gates – leave open or shut as found.
5. Fences – cross through rather than over them.
6. Stock animals – avoid disturbing them particularly during lambing and calving season.
7. Growing crops – don’t walk though them, follow the fence lines.
8. Don’t camp near homesteads unless prior permission is obtained.
9. Don’t camp close to isolated waterholes as this prevents animals from drinking.
10. Don’t pollute such waterholes.
11. Don’t destroy or disfigure growing timber.
12. Consider the feelings of others – no loud noise early or late.
13. Always dig a toilet hole and cover it up.
14. Whatever you take in, take out with you.
15. Leave campsites in a better condition than you found them.
16. Respect all flora and fauna.
17. Always conserve tank water.
18. Don’t take unnecessary risks – you may endanger others as well as yourself.

The Country Code can be summed up as follows:
“Always act out of consideration of the best interests of:
• The owner of the land
• Other people who may follow
• Your companions”

“Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”