26th WA Eastern Hills 2018 Report

In January we had 86 boys on the roll and this has roughly been maintained throughout the year so far. We have 14 adult leaders who always seem come up with exciting activities that they run each week. We also have mum’s who look after the supper in the kitchen.

Our Anchor section is headed up by Lieutenant Nathan Blackwell. He and his team have run many different craft type activities that re-enforce the devotion that is given at the beginning of each night. Due to the age of the boys, much work is done beforehand to prepare the craft work for the boys. The group also plays pre-organised energetic games each week.

Our Junior section is our largest group at around 40 boys. Although we have half of our leaders associated with this group, we are always looking out for more helpers. We currently do not have a officer in charge of this group. However the men work well together and have come up with some amazing activities, including a communication course where the boys had to build their own electric Morse Code machine then use it to send simple messages to one another. Lighting a fire and using it to cook on has always been a favourite activity for this group. A devotion with a memory verse is always given each week.

Due to the loss of a couple of our key leaders at the beginning of the year in our senior section, we have had to push more responsibility onto the boys. This has been a great blessing as we have watched some of our seniors step forward and take on the teaching of devotions under the pastoral guidance of Jordon Thyer. Lieutenant Brett Arnott has been helping with the leadership of this group.

Activities for this group so far this year have been to build bows and arrows, and just this last term to build electric drag cars. Memory work has also been important for this group, and I am pleased that a high degree of commitment has been made by the boys to memorise scripture.
Two prayer points.

  1. A company chaplain;
  2. More Leaders for our Junior Section.

Praise points: For a smooth captaincy transition; Senior boys who are now able to teach scripture; Continued support from fantastic leaders. We have prayed this year that the Lord would meet our need. Praise God! He has!

Captain Peter Orlowsky