22 Feb NCO – Leader Training

We will be providing a “Fast Track” Leader Training Session.

This is particularly designed for those who already possess Leadership Skills and in particular, have completed the BB Leadership Training. (LTC)

The aim of this training is to help transition our NCO (Boys aged 17 +) into Officers and Helpers, and this is the first step.

If you have Boys in your company who you think would benefit from this training and have completed the BB Leadership Training (LTC), please encourage these Boys to attend Training Saturday 22nd February.

This Training will benefit your company! Please, help us to help you grow your company and equip new leaders.
Get your Boys to register their interest NOW!!

Modules include:

  • Safe Environments, Child safe Learning, WWC
  • Transitioning to a Leader.
  • Behaviour management.
  • Understanding your role.
  • Games to play.

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