Get Outdoors – Camp Craft

These videos are from NZ Mountain Safety Council.

#23 Pitch a tent
In this video you will learn how to pitch a tent. You’ll learn how to pick a suitable campsite based on Leave No Trace principles, set up your tent and peg out guy lines.

#24 Manage a campsite
In this video you will learn to arrange your campsite. This includes selecting suitable spots for the ‘bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living room’.

#25 Light a Fire
In this video you will learn to light a fire. The video covers hazards to think about when lighting a fire, how to build a fire and how to extinguish the fire before leaving or going to bed.

#26 Cook on a Stove
In this video you will learn how to use a camp stove and to layout your kitchen area to minimise risk of accidents. This video show three types of stoves, compressed gas canister style (e.g. Primus), open liquid style (e.g. Trangia) and compressed liquid fuel style (e.g. MSR).

#27 Sleep Well
In this video you will learn how to prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep in a tent. This includes arranging your tent so that things are laid out well, getting your body temperature up if it’s likely to be a cold night, creating a pillow and ensuring you’ve got what you need if you wake up during the night.

#28 Pack Up Camp
In this video you will learn to pack up the campsite in a way that will prolong the life of your equipment and Leave No Trace.

#29 Leave No Trace
In this video you will learn how to reduce your impact on the environment by following the seven Leave No Trace principles. Plan Ahead and Prepare, Travel and Camp on Durable Ground, Dispose of Waste Properly, Leave What You Find, Minimise the Effects of Fire, Respect Wildlife and Farm Animals, Be Considerate of Others.


This 29 part ‘how-to’ series is aimed at helping beginners learn about correctly preparing for trips into the outdoors. The series was developed with the support of our partners in the outdoor and youth sector.

Series made with support and collaboration from, Duke Of Edinburgh, Scouts, Girl Guides, Boys Brigade, Girls Brigade, Christian Camping NZ, Department of Conservation, MetService, Leave No Trace, NZ Recreation Association.