#05 Take Sufficient Equipment

This video is from NZ Mountain Safety Council.

In this video you will learn about what essential equipment you should take with you, no matter what you are doing or how long you intend to be out. This also introduces the other videos in the Sufficient Supplies collection which explore clothing, food and water, first aid, and how to pack for your trip, in more detail.


Expedition packs
Your pack should be large enough to hold all your equipment and be around 65 litre capacity. A tough cordura or canvas is suitable and you should try the pack on fully loaded paying particular attention to the waist belt, shoulder straps and harness adjust ability. The shoulder straps should be wide
and well padded. To take some of the weight off your shoulders a well-padded adjustable hip belt is essential. Most modern packs have adjustable back lengths and are ergonomically designed.

Sleeping bags
There are two type of bags. One with a synthetic fibre filling which although bulkier and heavier than down bags are cheaper and more effective when wet. An inner cotton bag should be used to keep the bag clean. An inner bag can also be used in hot weather, sleeping in it on top of your sleeping bag.

Sleeping mats
Use a closed cell foam sleeping mat for comfort and warmer. These are much lighter than air mattresses.

Each member of the party should carry their own water and between one and four litres will be needed depending on local conditions.

In-camp gear
A plastic mug, a steel or plastic plate and cutlery are needed by each individual and toilet gear should include soap and towel, toothbrush and toilet paper. All members of the party must carry a supply of rubbish bags.


There are dozens of lightweight tents available for the bushwalker to choose from and they come in all shapes and sizes. The tents used on expeditions usually hold two or three persons and the load is shared between the occupants.
It is usual to have a breathable nylon or cotton inner with a waterproof nylon fly and a slightly heavier, waterproof nylon floor.

If a borrowed tent is to be used on an expedition always pitch it before the start of your venture to ensure that it is complete and that you know how to erect it. Always make sure you return it complete and dry.

Modern methylated spirit stoves are by far the most popular and serve a dual function of stove and cooking set. They are light and compact to carry and not too expensive. They are simple and clean to use, stable and not unduly affected by the wind.

NOTE: Methylated spirit burns with an invisible flame in sunlight and care must be taken to ensure that the flame is completely extinguished and the burner cooled before refuelling. Liquid fuel should always be carried in a metal bottle with a secure screw top.