Get Outdoors – Expedition

These videos are from NZ Mountain Safety Council.

#13 Read a Map
In this video you will learn how to read a topographical map. This video covers what a topo map is, what scale is, how to read contour lines and identifying landmarks using the legend.

#14 Use a Compass
In this video you will learn the basics of how to use a compass. You will learn to orient a map using a compass, take a bearing, understand the difference between True North & Magnetic North and adjust for declination.

#15 Where am I? Get Back on Track
In this video you will learn some helpful tips for working out where you are and making smart decisions about what to do next. This includes working out what you already know and narrowing down your possible location on the map, looking around you to see if you can spot any identifiable land features, and then making a good decision on what to do next.

#16 Communicate in Bush
In this video you will learn a few methods of communicating in the bush. The video covers telling someone your plans and writing in hut books, as well as getting messages out via cell phones, satellite phones, satellite messenger devices, personal locator beacons and mountain radios.

#17 Give a Grid Reference
In this video you will learn how to use the map to give a grid reference of your location.

#18 Lost? Survive and be Found
In this video you will learn what to do if you end up lost or unable to get out on your own. You’ll learn to Stop and stay where you are. Stabilise yourself by getting warm and building a shelter and fire. Thirdly, Advertise your location by calling for help, placing bright objects in an open area, and blow your whistle or make other loud noises.

#19 Travel as a Group
In this video you will learn about how to move efficiently through the bush. This video provides helpful tips which ensure that the pace is consistent and comfortable for everyone and also about remembering to stop and take a break regularly.

#20 Cross a River Safely
In this video you will learn how to identify whether a river is safe to cross, where to cross, and how to cross safely using the mutual support technique.

#21 Predict Weather Changes
In this video you will learn how to be aware of the weather throughout your trip. You’ll learn to identify a few tell-tale signs that can help you to predict what’s coming and stay one step ahead of any unexpected weather changes.

#22 Use Your First Aid Kit
In this video you will learn how to use a few items from your first aid kit to treat common injuries you’ll come across in the bush.

These series is aimed at helping beginners learn about correctly preparing for trips into the outdoors. The series was developed with the support of our partners in the outdoor and youth sector.Series made with support and collaboration from, Duke Of Edinburgh, Scouts, Girl Guides, Boys Brigade, Girls Brigade, Christian Camping NZ, Department of Conservation, MetService, Leave No Trace, NZ Recreation Association.