32nd WA Goldfields 2018 Report

32WA has enjoyed another God blessed year. Our Leadership structure remains unchanged and seems to run like clockwork.

Our primary object is to advance Christ’s kingdom amongst boys and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self respect and all that tends towards true Christian manliness.

We engage our parade nights under the four pillars – Spiritual, Educational, Social & Physical. Our company have 5 appointed Officers with 25 boys aged from 5- 17 yrs;

We commenced 2017 with our enrollment night at the church early February. A pleasant Family day was held at Lake Douglas to enjoy Canoeing & swimming.

The Junior boys participated in the Annual International Team Games; We had a good attendance from Seniors for Leadership training in Perth run by BB HQ.

We enjoyed a pizza night at the local Squash Courts testing our skills in the game. We participate in Fund raising at Bunnings.

We had excellent attendance at the Anzac dawn Service and marched in the Parade. In May with some Dad’s, we stayed overnight at Credo Stn and enjoyed Rowles Lagoon. In June we celebrated together with the Girls Brigade a Combined Church Service having Pastor Eliot Vlatko as speaker.

This was well attended by parents, boys & girls. We enjoyed a night at the YMCA including the rock climbing. Mr Moore, a qualified nurse, has three sons in BB gave First Aid lessons for a few nights. The boys also enjoy cooking sessions over the year. Our final campout was late November in Goongarrie National Park to include boomerang throwing hosted by Geoff Westbrook.

The year concluded with the Awards night attended by our CEO Mr A.Bailey who gave the devotion.

2018 Commenced rather smoothly with plans to celebrate our 25 years. We have four foundation members still active today. 32nd WA produced 5 Queensmen to date.

In May 18 we enjoyed a weekend at Frasers Range participating in Golf, Boomerangs, Hiking, Night games, & skills games. On 27 June 2018 we celebrated our 25th Anniversary with a combined Church Parade inviting past members.

Our State President Lt J.Matthews and CEO A.Bailey attended the event and relevant service awards were handed out. All attendees received a BB 32WA 25th Anniversary Badge. All active boys received a BB back pack. We displayed a collection of photographs from over the 25 years. Our main prayer point is Leaders for beyond 25 years.

Above all, we praise & thank our God for providing all we have and caring for us faithfully.

May God Bless you all.
Captain Stephan Vicziany