Leadership Training Camp

The second camp was held a little further away at the Manjedal Activities Centre.

We were blessed again to have Mrs Pru Metcalfe, a Parent of Junior Boys come and cater for the camp over the weekend. Mrs Metcalfe is a qualified and experience chef and the food was once again, second to none.
Mr Andy Powell, Chaplain from 7th Bull Creek the prepared and presented devotions. We
are yet to decided is Andrew Powel of the Boys enjoyed it more!

Activities included Archery, Flying Fox, abseiling along with Obstacle courses and vertical challenges.

There was a great spirit of cooperation amongst both Boys and Leaders. As the CEO responsible for the overall management of these state events, there is a distinct and notable positive sense of attitude and unity between our Boys and it is a blessing to run these camps without the need of any notable form of discipline required throughout the camp.

17 Bronze Participants
12 Silver Participants
9 Gold Participants
Total 38 Participants