LTC – Basic Kit List

This Packing list is for Dormitory Style Camps.

Please ensure that the following are included in the items that you bring and that your backpack is packed correctly.

You will be required to take your backpack with you to each course and activity.


  • Pillow and pillow case,
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Toiletries, Bath Towel
  • Old Sneakers/sand shoes for hiking (Must be closed in shoes) (You may want to bring a old spare pair in case they get wet)
  • Slip on shoes for Bathroom
  • Long pants for hiking
  • Wet Weather Protection (Jacket, Rain Coat etc)
  • Cold Weather clothing suitable for night activities as well as day time use.
  • Large Rubbish bag for any wet or dirty clothing so you can keep in your packing bag.

Please pack the following into a small backpack.

  • Bible, Note book 2 x Pens & Fluro Marker. (Boys cannot complete course without these.)
  • Large Packet Creamed Biscuits
  • Head Torch with New Batteries
  • Water Bottle, Hat Sunburn Cream
  • All Medications (Use Zip-Lock Bags with name for administered Medications to be handed in)

What not to bring

  • Weapons of any description
  • Mobile phones, Electronic Games or any electronic device not essential to the preservation of life.
  • Candles, matches, lights, ignition sources
  • Incense, mosquito coils, sparklers.
  • Any new clothing.
  • No spray deodorant , only roll on.

Mobile Phones will be collected and kept by Leaders.

Phones will be switched off and access will be given for emergency use only.