NCO to Leader Training

I am pleased to report that our ILT (Initial Leader Training) day was a success!

We had 13 Boys Register for the training and the feedback received was all very positive with the Boys all claiming that the content of the material was informative and helpful for them.

With inaugural events, getting the balance between theory and practical learning, hitting the target with the right training is often the difference between success and failure.

<p”>I would commend the Boys who intentionally attended this training to you. The ball is now in your court, to give them opportunity to be junior leaders within your company.

There is more training to come, and all of us need to understand that training is a process, that this is another step to transition our Seniors into leaders within the company. We ask that you will be part of the process by encouraging them and giving them opportunity.

There will also be opportunity for some of these Boys to attend our LTC Camps as Junior leaders this year, to our Junior Adventure Day as we seek every available opportunity for them to be trained

Modules included:

  • Safe Environments, Child safe Learning, WWC
  • Transitioning to a Leader.
  • Behaviour management.
  • Understanding your role.
  • Games to play.

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