10th WA North Bridge 2018 Report

We meet all three sections at North Beach Baptist Church on Monday nights 6:00pm onwards.
Girls’ Brigade meets in the same venue on the same night. We are lucky that the facility can take this, but only just.

We have 24 in our Anchors section with 5 in the waiting pool. The room and leaders is the main reason for the cap. The program is solid with a good focus on devotions and some fun crafts & games.

We spent the first term at Hillarys boat harbour and do fishing, or scorpion-hunting (with UV lights), or bike riding, or beach games. Term 2 was a “Spy School” theme, with activities like laser-crawl, lie-detection, code-breaking and Morse-code. In the 3rd term, we will conduct what has been our most successful part of program for many years, our MasterChef context.

Many of you meet in churches that have awesome kitchens that are far better than North Beach’s. I would love to see other MasterChef contests happen! Our devotions is continuing a successful formula of doing a short object talk, followed by “home-group” style small groups for 5-minutes of discussion. This small group time is taken by a leader and I think is one of the most productive and rewarding times at Brigade.

25 Seniors started really well this year with Beach games, electronics, kite-making, and a co-operative teamwork board game known as Space Alert. In the 3rd term we will be attempting a Dinner Concert, a 2 course meal with a humorous stage show.

The highlight for me this year has been our Hong Kong Super hike. This is a trip that I put together, after being inspired in a previous family trip to Hong Kong 9 years ago. We went with 14 people, with a few Girls’ Brigaders and parents.
We visited the 144th company in Hong Kong (which as 14,000 Brigaders, 300+ companies, 70+ paid staff).
We also visited the Brigade LTC facilities at the Noah’s Ark tourist attraction, which are open to corporates (who pay top dollar). Our 4 hours with them was magical. I am tempted to go back there for a week or two and learn everything that they have in their LTC arsenal.

We finished it off with a day at Disneyland. Hong Kong is the most congested city in the world, yet has stunning hiking. 5 days cost us $1,750 for all attractions, air fares, 3-4 star hotel, and food, and in-cluded one expensive 60m buffet and Disney-land. It was an interesting and very different Brigade trip.

Captain Jordan Lun