Outdoor Adventure

Looking for the perfect backpacking pack for you? Learn about features, fit and capacity to decide which hiking pack is best for your next adventure.

Campfire Safety - WA
An open campfire is often an enjoyable part of camping but if it is not constructed, used and extinguished correctly it can also easily cause a bushfire.

Choosing a tent
A tent provides essential protection from wind, rain, sun, bugs, and in some cases, snow.

Compass & Bearings
Learning to use a compass is an important part of expedition.

Country Code
1. Realise the importance of good relations with landowners. 2. Always obtain the permission of landowners to camp on or pass through their land. 3. Know and observe bushfire regulations.…

Expedition - Are you ready?
The careful selection is vital to your comfort and enjoyment

First Aid
Helpful information about Bush craft and expedition.

GPS Coordinates
GPS stands for Global Positioning System; a system used for worldwide navigation and surveying.

Very simply, hypothermia is the condition where the body is losing heat faster than its “internal furnace” can regenerate it.

Know Knots
Knot tying is a useful skill for outdoor enthusiasts. They can assist with many jobs, like first aid, outdoor work activities, recreational sports and many survival situations.

Know your Compass
The compass is a fairly simple piece of equipment that was invented by the Chinese around 2500 B.C

Map Reading
Being able to read a paper map is important. Your phone may not function.

Min Impact Camping
As we spend time outdoors, in the natural world and in wilderness, it's important to be conscious of the effects our actions may have

Safety and Group Skills
The Group Leader will be responsible for the supervision and behaviour of campers on the activity, at all rest stops, at the destination and for first aid.

Travelling Distances
Estimating distance from the map, pacing, and timing using Naismith's Rule

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