Jan 6-15 – Sydney Pan Camp 2020

Date: 6th-15th January 2020

Link to the Pan Australia Camp website.


Pac20 Posters and Brochers


We are celebrating 20 Pan Australia Camps over 57 years in 2020. As with any big celebration, you want to invite your family. Boys’ Brigade’s sister organisation, Girls’ Brigade will be joining us for some of the 20th Pan Australia Camp. The last time GB shared an activity with BB at a PAC was in 2002 when Brigaders welcomed in the New Year in a joint celebration.

The Girls Brigade are running their own national camp in 2020 called Fonomarae, or Fono for short that is also based at Stanwell Tops, although in different buildings in a different part of the site.

For most of their camp, Girls Brigade will be following their own camp program.

But we can’t let such a great opportunity pass and so the BB PAC 20 program committee have discussed with BG Fono committee to include a few activities for the brother and sister Brigades to share.

We are currently looking to have all Brigaders come together for worship and celebration on certain nights during the camp. Who doesn’t love a big full bodied worship experience.

Since brother and sister Brigades are staying at Stanwell tops, it also made sense that they join together for onsite activities. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to keep everyone motivated.

Cost: $998
Register + pay all money by 31 October 2019.
Register at: pacamp.brigadeaustralia.org
Must be BB age 12 or older in 2020 to attend camp.
PentaPAC award can only be earned at a PAC.
PAC 20 also coincides with the Twenty20 cricket.