26th WA Eastern Hills 2017 Report

2017 was a huge year with the company growing to over 100 Boys in uniform. We are looking forward to 2018 and if you are looking for fun, adventure and mentoring as you enter manhood, then we would encourage you to come and see what we do. Our aim to to train and equip the young lads of today to be the leaders of tomorrow.

A new team of leaders has risen to the challenge of leading the company forward in the coming years, and there is a positive air of excitement for 2018.

Themes and activities in term 1 included wood working, building a flying fox, and boating. During the April School Holidays, senior boys were invited to a day water skiing on the Swan River, where some of the theory taught during the term was put into a practical application.

We are running with the theme of camping for Term 2, with the boys learning safe ways to light camp fires, and cooking on the camp fire. The night we cooked damper was a huge hit, with the boys producing some outstanding dampers from both camp ovens and from foil wrapped dampers in the coals.