Senior Awards

The highest award in BB is The Queen’s Badge. This word document will help you keep track of your awards. Keep a copy in your bible or complete electrically and on store on your ipad.

Click on a Badge to read what is required of you to obtain that Badge.

Scripture KnowledgeEnvironmentalist

Queens badgeOne year ServiceLeadership Badge

Awards in BB provide a progressive programme of activities to inspire you throughout your teen years particularly of the unexpected possibilities that exist right now to you, as well as equip and empower you to contribute to your local settings and the wider world. It also recognises achievements such as sacrifices made for long-term commitment to BB involvement, training undertaken, or projects of lasting impact to others.
With the Activity Awards when you complete Level 1 of each award you will be presented with a badge and a certificate.
On completion of Level 2 and higher levels of an award, a certificate and a coloured back cloth is presented to be worn behind the Badge to indicate the level gained. Only the cloth representing the highest level gained is worn behind the badge. The colours represent the level of the award gained

For most badges the following apply: (expect BB Knowledge and Citizenship)

Work started in one session or year (1 January to 31 December) may be carried across into the subsequent session if not completed.
The next level of an award may be commenced immediately upon completing the previous level provided that the minimum school year requirements are observed.

For many awards reports are required. Use your imagination as a variety of formats is encouraged: a photographic essay, video, animation, interactive website or app, poster, play, etc. Discuss reporting options with your Captain.
At the start of your career in Seniors Section there are at least eight Activity awards and two attendance awards available to you. To gain these awards will require effort on your part. When you reach 15 BB Age additional awards become available.

Senior Award Handout