Leadership Training Camp

This camp held at Camp Leschenaultia, a few minutes drive North of the township of Chidlow.
There was an interesting start to camp with massive power outages in the 24 hours before the start of camp across the hills area. Food was packed in 4 car fridges ready to go, with other cold food in large fridges and freezers ready to transfer into eskys that morning. Subsequently, I was late getting to camp.

However, one of the things I remember most vividly about this particular morning, was the way in which members who had arrived (Everyone by the time I did) were actively engaged in conversation and activities together. While members have been creating friendships and culture over the last year or so of LTC camps, this camp really marked a time in the organisation where there was a sense of ownership, comradery and unity that seemed to really blossom and take on a life of its own at this camp. This was further cemented at the following camp in June 2018.

Along with an update array of course material, activities included archery tag, Laser tag and a Geo-Cache that was generously prepared once again by Lt. Arnott from Eastern Hills.

Devotions were presented by the State Chaplain, Mr Brad Taylor Members formed up for inspection
and a drill competition.

20 Bronze Participants
19 Silver Participants
13 Gold Participants
52 Total Participants