Using the BBWA Website

The BBWA website is designed to display correctly on all desktop, tablets and mobile phones.
What is presented and in which form is determined by the device you are using.

The site contains 140 pages, 24 posts, 28 PDFs, 380 images.


The menu bar across the top allows access to the following:

About: This contains basic information about Boys’ Brigade, Anchors, Juniors, Seniors, Uniform and information for Parents.

Companies: Displays meeting and contact details for each of the 10 companies.
Also the company reports from the BBWA AGMs. The header image displays the company logo.

Events: Lists coming events for BBWA with the ability to log registrations to a google sheet.
Events which cost are also displayed on the BBWA Shop site.

Shop: With the shop site parents can order and pay for uniform items using a credit card.
Captains can order uniform items and awards and have their companies billed by HQ.

Contact: Contact details and a contact form to send messages to BBWA CEO.

Further down the page four image links give access to:

BBA History,     BBWA awards,   For Leaders,   Resources.

Most of the pages can be printed by using the print button at the bottom of the page.

Pages from the “about, companies and events” sections can be added to a facebook page you manage by clicking on “share on facebook” at the bottom of the page.

Resources are pages written by various authors to provide additional information to help both Leaders and Boys.

At the bottom of the page (the footer) there are links to the main sections of the website.

The section labels indicate the source of the page information:

  • BBA – The Boys’ Brigade Australia.
  • BBWA The Boys’ Brigade Western Australia.
  • No label – written by various authors.

The last section link gives access to:

  • A search function,
  • list of latest additions
  • a list of all pages on the website.

Companies can add their own information by sending an image and article to Peter Shave