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Leaders’ Uniform

Below are the descriptions of the formal dress uniform of the Boys’ Brigade. Companies are also encouraged to develop, for themselves, an optional casual Company uniform. This may be as simple as a blue windcheater with a BB crest (windcheater crest available from the National or State Uniform supplies), or as decided by your Company (eg polo shirts, rugby tops, caps, etc).

Officer’s Uniform

  • Glengarry Cap The Cap is worn to the right of the head with the appropriate Officer’s Cap Badge.
  • Shirt (or Blouse for females): white, long-sleeved Shirt with patch pockets and epaulettes on which the appropriate Officer’s insignia of rank is worn.
  • Epaulettes The embroidery of the insignia of the Captain’s epaulettes is the same as a Lieutenant’s but red in colour.
  • Name tag worn on the flap of the right pocket. A Mini-Queen’s Badge or Duke of Edinburgh badge may also be worn to the left of the name tag if earned.
  • Tie: Plain black Necktie (Females may wear an approved ladies tie).
  • Tiebar with BB Crest worn level with pocket buttons.
  • Belt (not worn with Skirt): black leather belt with BB Crest Buckle.
  • Slacks (or skirt for females): navy blue. Navy blue walk Shorts and long white Socks may be worn in lieu of
    Slacks and black Socks at the discretion of the Officer Commanding a Parade.
  • Socks: short black.
  • Shoes: black leather Shoes of plain design, well polished.

NB 1. It is recommended that only registered Warrant Officers, Lieutenants, Chaplains and Captains wear the uniform. Helpers could wear a white shirt, blue slacks and black shoes, but should not wear additional attire to suggest they are registered BB Officers.
NB 2. On ceremonial occasions, when in uniform, Officers may wear the Ribbons of their medals and decorations.
NB 3. Chaplains wear the uniform of a Lieutenant with the addition of gold Crosses worn on the shirt collar or, alternately, wear their usual clerical attire.