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Following Jesus

Pray every day

Praying is just talking and listening to God. Just like it’s good to talk to and listen to your friends, you’ll enjoy and develop your friendship with God more if you talk to Him. You can ask for him to give you new challenges, help with daily living, for Him to forgive you for the things you do wrong, help for others like friends and family, or to thank Him for what He does for you. If you are unsure how to pray, ask your Leaders.

Read the Bible regularly

The Bible contains what God wants us to know about Him, how He sees us and how we could live. If you don’t have a Bible or you can’t understand the version you have, talk to your Officers about it. Different Bibles suit different people. You can also get ‘help’ notes that explain more about what the Bible means. Again talk to your Leaders about that if you wish.

Spend time with other Jesus followers

Friends should be about building each other up and seeking the same sort of things out of life. It’s encouraging when you spend time with other Christians who are seeking to know God better and to live life the way He intended us to. That’s the value of attending Church regularly.
The worship may at first be difficult to understand and appreciate, but with persistence, you will find it to be real and helpful to your spiritual life.

Live with faith in God and yourself

God will be with you always and will support you in your efforts to be like Jesus and increase the Kingdom of God.
Knowing Jesus and having Him in your life allows you to enjoy life to the full. If you want to know more about becoming a Christian (which just means like Christ), or getting more out of your life as an active Christian, talk to your Leaders. Your life will never be the same again.