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26th WA Company – Eastern Hills

Meets – Thursday during school term
All sections 6:00pm – 8:30pm.

Where – Mundaring Church of Christ, 1470 Stoneville Road, Mundaring.

Contact: Nathan Blackwell (Captain)
Mobile 0427 421 683

Winter Camp Registration 26th WA – Eastern Hills

    Is your child on any Current Medications?

    Does your child have any Dietary Requirements. (Allergies only, not Dislikes)

    I agree to and understand that I will be billed $30 per Anchor Boy and $65 per Junior/Senior Boy for this camp and will pay this amount with my 2nd Semester Fees that will be invoiced and sent to me by the 31st August
    I have read and accept the Risk Warning and the Information provided to me about camp. I understand the risks associated with camping and agree to send my child to this camp accepting these risks.
    "I understand that activities will include campfire cooking and water activities (weather dependent), that Boys will sleep in tents."