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Environmentalist – Expedition

These two awards encourage you to explore and appreciate God’s created outdoors, as well as increase your understanding and action in the responsibility that God gave us as caretakers of the environment.

You will be required to undergo training at each level in the safe practice of bushcraft and your particular activity, and prepare a report about your experience that demonstrates your understanding of the environmental issues involved in your particular activity. Although the activities are different for the two awards and need to be done separately, the preliminary training for both awards can be done in common.

The following is required for each award.
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Separate event method
Complete 2 events: a practice and qualifying for each level
Level 1 – 1 day      4 hours effect.
Level 2 – 2 days    1 night     4 hours effect per day.
Level 3 – 2 days    1 night     6 hours effect per day.
Level 4 – 3 days    2 nights   7 hours effect per day.
Level 5 – 4 days    3 nights   8 hours effect per day.

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Continuous method
Complete 1 event for each level
Level 1 –   8 hours effect  over 2 days
Level 2 – 16 hours effect  over 4 days
Level 3 – 24 hours effect  over 4 days
Level 4 – 36 hours effect  over 6 days
Level 5 – 54 hours effect  over 8 days



This award encourages you to engage in low impact camping or recreational activity (eg. walking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, cycling, horse-riding) with an exploratory focus.


This award encourages you to undertake adventurous activity to gain personal growth through meeting and overcoming a challenge with safety (eg. Abseiling, Canyoning, Caving, Rock Climbing, Sailing, White Water Canoeing). Some of these activities may only be available depending on your physical and/or emotional maturity.

Additional Notes –