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Scripture Knowledge

This award aims to broaden your understanding of the Christian perspectives, habits and actions involved in being like Jesus in improving life for all, especially the diversity and unity within different Christian groups.

A wide range of topics are available to you to study such as understanding the Bible  as a whole or just parts of it;

  • theology (the big ideas about God such as the promises of God to us);
  • what is Church (what we do and why we do it including Church traditions);
  • spiritual habits (praying, giving, quiet times);
  • being Mission minded in your local setting or further afield like overseas, Kingdom of God;
  • sharing your beliefs (evangelism);
  • connecting with those outside the Church;
  • personal commitment and identity with Jesus;
  • feeling ‘spiritually dry’; spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare;
  • denominations or other flavours of Christianity, other faiths, Christian responses to significant World issues (eg. poverty, environment, diversity) or other suitable topic.

Levels 1 & 2:             at least 9 weeks
Levels 3:                   at least 18 weeks
Level  4 & 5:              at least 18 weeks study plus 15 & 30 hours respectively of practical application of the knowledge gained such as involvement in any of these:

  • Scripture teaching for Anchors, Juniors Section or Seniors Section;
  • Sunday School teaching;
  • Holiday, Beach, Urban or Overseas Missions;
  • After school program, or a combination of these.

Time spent preparing lessons is counted. A record of the time spent on the practical component should be kept as well as a report from your supervisor of the activity chosen.