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Skills – Hobbies Awards

These two awards encourage you to broaden your involvement and skills beyond what you already have in your life through your family, school, friends or settings you are already in.

For both awards you are required to participate in the activity for a minimum amount of time.
Level 1 and 2    9 weeks
Level 3 and 4  18 weeks
Level 5            27 weeks

The number of hours to be spent is not specified but regular effort is required. You will be required to show perseverance, progress and attainment of a reasonable level of skill throughout the period under assessment. If you are taking part in a group activity your contribution to the group also counts.

The activity may be arranged by your Company or by yourself. But, it should have the prior approval of your Captain. You are allowed to change once within the period if the activity proves unsuitable, without the period being extended.

An activity (see suggested lists) can often be assessed as either a Skill or Hobby but it cannot be counted for both awards at the same time. For example, say you are having music lessons in your spare time and counting them as a Skill, you can’t also claim that same activity for your Hobbies award. Additionally if you’re already doing a Skills class at BB at this time, you might want to claim your music lessons as a Hobby.


This award encourage you to gain practical skills which will be of use in everyday life or leisure activities.

Suggested activities (though you can discuss with your Captain other ideas):

Art or Design (animation, cartooning, drawing, Company magazine production or promotional materials, photography, screen printing, stained glass, street-art, video production, web design);
Construction (carving, canoe-building, cooking, electronics, fashion design, jewellery making, knitting, model making, pottery, robotics, sculpture, woodwork);
Performance (dance, debating, drama, DJ’ing or VJ’ing, musical instruments, public speaking, singing);
Programming (Computer, Mobile Application or video games).


This award encourage you to undertake a long term interest which will provide you with a rewarding leisure activity.

Suggested activities (though you can discuss with your Captain other ideas): Activism (political, social justice, etc); Astronomy; Bird Watching; Botany; Chess; Collecting; Creative Writing or poetry; Gardening; Genealogy; Geology; Reading.