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Service to the Community – L3

Source: BBWA Queen’s Badge Guidelines – V1.1 Appendix 2

To encourage service to others as a way of life recognising the call of Jesus to serve others as he did. Through it a boy should develop an understanding of many opportunities for service available by examining a range of organisations and participating in some of their activities .

The minimum age to commence the Level 3 service community is 14BB age.

Award Criteria
Awarded to a Boy who has undergone training either through briefing or counselling sessions to leading directly to practical service of a non-specialised nature or has specialised training as preparation for later practical service in that field. Where the Boy has undergone specialised training he should be encouraged to apply the skills learnt in specialist training.

A report on the outcome of the service, in a form acceptable to the assessor, is to be submitted once the practical component is completed.

Outcome Required
The Boy should be able to demonstrate:

  • knowledge of the purpose and structure of the organisation(s),
  • or the needs of the sector of the community he provided service to, and
  • the type of service he provided. And
  • the benefit of that service to the organisation and to him.

Community in this award is generally meant to be anyone or any organisation outside the Seniors’ Section.

At levels 1 and 2 assistance to the Anchors or BB Juniors’ Section or the wider Brigade movement e.g. assisting with State Headquarters can be counted as practical service. Note the training requirements must still be observed. Service to the Church in which the Company is based or into other Church based activities can also be counted.

The essence of service is to volunteer of time and effort to the benefit of others without financial benefit to the Boy, though it may be of significant financial benefit to the organisation he assists. Where the form of service proves to be unsuitable it can be changed with the approval of the Captain. In such a case hours of practical service undertaken can be retained and counted towards the level being attempted. The service can be made up of a number of different types of service activities provided that there is an appropriate briefing session for each type and a separate report is provided for each type.

At level 3 and above service into the wider community is to be encouraged. Otherwise, he cannot achieve the second part of the aim of the award which is to understand the many opportunities for service available by examining a range of organisations and participating in some of their activities.

Before you commence Level 3 Service to the Community, you must apply for approval for your proposed Service Form 2.1 The form of service to the community MUST be approved by the BBWA CEO before commencement. Once you have completed the service hours required, your Project Report must be submitted through the Captain to the BBWA CEO for assessment. Form 2.2 The Captain is to certify the performance of the service. The Project Report can be presented in any form which is acceptable to BBWA. The form of reporting should be applied for in Form 2.1 prior to the commencement of service. Care should be taken that the means of report presentation does not overshadow the purpose of the service.

Please refer to the following pages for guidelines for the project

Project Guidelines for Boys’ 

The purpose of the Service to Community Award is to encourage service to others as a way of life, recognising the call of Jesus to serve others as he did. The project required at Level 3 of the award will show that you have developed an understanding of the organisation through which your voluntary service was carried out, the impact their work has on the community and the benefits you gained by being involved. This is a mandatory task in obtaining the Queen’s Badge. 

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the requirements set out in the Seniors Section Award System Handbook.

You must be at least 14 BB Age and already hold the Service to the Community Award at Level 2. 

Minimum Hours
You must undergo further training and practical service over a period of at least 15 hours. There is a requirement to spread the 15 hours over a period of 3 months rather than carried out in a single burst of activity.

A certified Service to the Community Record Form Form 2.3 clearly showing the dates; duration and details of each session of training and service given must be submitted.

Types of Training and Service
The training may take the form of either briefing sessions leading directly to practical service of a non specialised nature or specialised training as preparation for later practical service in that field. At Level 3, practical work with your BB Company (e.g., Anchor Boys’ or Juniors Section) or with the local Church is not counted. Although these would be acceptable forms of service for Levels 1 and 2.

At Level 3 you are expected to gain some experience and appreciation of service in the wider community. Some examples of organisations suitable for training and service are: Anglicare, Apex, Autistic Children’s Association, District Community Services, Drug Rehabilitation Centres, Guide Dog Association Home Care Services, Lifeline, Lions Club, Meals on Wheels, Red Cross, Rotary, Royal Blind Society, Rural Fire Service, Salvation Army Community Services, Search and Rescue Squads, State Emergency Services, St John Ambulance, Surf Life Saving Association, Perth City Mission, Volunteer Coastal Patrol, Wesley Central Mission. Your Church Community Services Department or local Council should also be able to assist you with many good ideas.

Prior Approval of Topic
The area in which the training, voluntary service and project are undertaken must have the prior approval of the BBWA CEO, A Proposed Service Application form is included in these guidelines. To be eligible for The Queen’s Badge, you must lodged your Proposed Service Application form Form 2.1 no later than the 31st March of the year in which you plan to complete the service and submit the completed project no later than the 30th January once your service hours are complete in order to be awarded the Queens Badge in the following March. Once you obtain approval for your topic you may commence your training, voluntary service and project.

Your Project
Your project should be at least 2000 words (excluding appendices and supporting documentation) or equivalent effort where an alternative medium of communication to a printed report is selected (e.g., audio, video, website, computer program, combination of various media etc.). It should not be a direct copy of some other work Photos, illustrations and diagrams may be included, indeed, they add to the quality of the presentation.

The project must be completed on the organisation with which the training &/or voluntary service was carried out.

The standard of presentation should be of a high order consistent with your level of ability and the resources available. The following guidelines will assist you with setting out your project and give you a good idea of what is expected.

Project Completion
Given you have received approval for your topic you may undertake your training and voluntary service and complete your project. The project should have a fairly standard structure, as indicated below.

  • Introduction (about 400 words)
    • What or who is the organisation?
    • Brief history with an emphasis on the local scene.
  • Main Points (about 800 words)
    • The Work of the Organisation
    • Try to break the work of the organisation into three to five main areas. If they cover a lot, just focus on the areas that you have had some involvement with or that particularly interest you.
    • A comprehensive log of the training and voluntary service that you undertook including
    • the dates, hours and detailed description of what you did
  • Your views (about 800 words)
    • Your view of the work of this organisation and its impact on the community.
    • The benefits you gained by being involved with this organisation,
  • Conclusion
    • A brief concluding summary of the main points or theme.
  • References
    • A list of people or other resources that you consulted regarding the topic. Ideally this will include at least one person and one reference source such as a book, internet, magazine etc. A short line should be included with the name of any people consulted, indicating why they are relevant to the topic.
  • Service to the Community Record Card
    • Attach your certified record card

Submission of the Project
On completion of the project it should be forwarded through your Company Captain to the headquarters of BBWA. If you are seeking to gain The Queen’s Badge in the same year that you submit your project, the project MUST be received no later than the 30th January. The attached Project Submission Form Form 2.2 should accompany your project along with any completed Record Forms Form 2.3, with the relevant sections completed by you and your Company Captain.