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Young Volunteer Award

The Young Volunteer Award provides opportunities for young people commencing age BB 14 to be rewarded for the voluntary work that they carry out.

Time spent volunteering in or outside of The Boys’ Brigade can be counted towards this award, whether it be in the local community, Church, company or at a national or international level.

The only requirements are that a record of the hours spent volunteering are kept and signed off by the person supervising and that appropriate risk assessments and health & safety briefings are carried out before commencing any volunteering.

There are different levels of recognition varying from 50 to 200 hours, and young people would receive the following:

  • Age BB 14 plus 50 Hours – Certificate
  • Age BB 15 plus 100 Hours – Certificate
  • Age BB 16 plus 200 Hours – Certificate & Badge

The award is assessed by a qualified assessor (i.e. Certificate 4 in assessing and training).

The recipient who completes 200 Hours will be awarded a Badge to be worn on the left arm, a Gold Certificate and a comprehensive resume of voluntary work performed which can be used for their CV.