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BB Knowledge Badge

This award allows you to gain knowledge of the Boy’s Brigade movement both in Australia and internationally, an understanding of its working in order to contribute to improving it or creating new movements yourself and how to develop and teach others practical skills primarily using the activity of drill.

You must be 16 BB Age to commence this award.

To gain this award, you will need to be in or finished fourth year high school, plan carefully and successfully complete all three sections of the award.

  1. A project assessed at State level
  2. Competence in Training Others assessed at State level,
  3. An interview carried out at State Level.

These three sections can be done over a few years if needed:

  • Project assessed at state level,
  • Competence in Training Others,
  • an Interview carried out at State, Battalion or Group Council Level.

The Project requirement encourages you to explore an aspect of BP in whatever medium you like (eg video or written) equivalent to 2000 words with the tangible outcome that will benefit local or wider BB.
Suggested ideas:

  • develop a new promotional or training resource;
  • recommendations on improving the company will be beat still with the challenge of changing needs of your age group;
  • assessing your own company with other companies equivalent programs;
  • the role of BB in the local church;
  • the value of the wider BB network (Battalions, Groups, State, National, PRF, or Global fellowship;
  • the value of specific BB programming;
  • documenting local company state or national BB (if not already done.)

The topic suggested each year are determined by the responsible state director, but you are welcome to submit your own ideas Additionally the results of your project could be considered by the BBA Operations Director for implementation or shared across the wider of BB movement.

A proposed table of contents for approval and the completed project for the selected topic must be submitted by the due dates as advised by local state Officers to be eligible for the Queen’s badge that year. If you are unable to complete the project by the advised due dates it may be submitted for subsequent year.

For the Training Others component you need to be able to demonstrate the technique for instructing drill based on:

  • three movements from the Six Month Service award
  • three from a drill sequence set by the relevant State Director. You will need to direct a squad through the set sequence.

The assessment for this component has to be carried out at the state level by an Officer who is independent of your Company.

Alternatively, you can apply to ceo@bbwa.com.au to complete a training others component that is not Drill based, however this needs state approval prior to commencing.

The Interview component requires you to be interviewed by a panel of officers appointed by The State Executive so that you can demonstrate:

  • your working knowledge of the local and wider Work of BB,
  • how the aspects of BB has benefited you and others,
  • what you have learned in BB can be applied to real life situations.

This component has the additional bonus of preparing you effectively for employment or other position interviews.