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Special Awards

Cross for Heroism

May be awarded to a Boy who has performed either a significant act of self sacrifice for others, shown heroism in saving or attempting to save life, or displayed marked courage in the face of danger.
It can only be awarded by the Australian Executive following a recommendation from the Captain. It must be based upon the receipt of an eye-witness account submitted within six months of the incident.

Diploma of Gallant Conduct

May be awarded to a Boy who has shown gallant conduct in saving or attempting to save life, or marked courage in the face of danger, but which in the circumstances lack the high degree of heroism which would warrant the awarding of the cross of heroism. It can only be awarded by the Australian Executive following a recommendation from the Captain. It must be based upon the receipt of an eye-witness account submitted within six months of the incident.

Pentapac Award

This award is only available if you attend a Pan-Australian Camp. Held every three years, these camps provide for a time of fellowship and challenge for BB in Australia as a whole. To gain the award you have to meet and overcome five different challenges which are set at each camp, which may include: Devotional; Confidence or Fitness Course; Discover the city; a particular Elective; & On site activities.
Silver is for tackling 3 out of the five areas.
Gold is for tackling well all the five areas.
Only one badge may be worn, which is the level achieved at your first PAC. If you gain a Pentapac badge at a subsequent camp, a coloured cloth White for Silver or Gold for Gold  is worn under the badge. Only the cloth for the higher level is worn.

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