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Service to the Community

This award aims to encourage you to serve others as a way of life, recognizing that Jesus called us to serve others.

The minimum hours required for the levels are:
Level 1:   9 Hours
Level 2: 12 Hours
Level 3: 15 Hours
Level 4: 30 Hours
Level 5: 40 Hours

There is no requirement to spread the hours over any particular period but can be made up of different activities at Level 1 & 2.

However it is preferred that at level 3 and above that the service is spread over a period of time rather than carried out in the single burst of activity. For all levels the time spent in undertaking training or a course (eg first aid fire fighting surf rescue lifesaving bush rescue) is counted within the times required.

You should maintain a diary showing the times and details of the service given. A report in whatever media form you like (eg. video) of the service given must be submitted for assessment to demonstrate knowledge of the purpose and structure of the service the needs of that particular sector of the community and how the service meets those needs. For level 3 the type of service and the project must be approved by the responsible state director before you start otherwise it may not be counted it all.

Make sure you discuss your options with your captain. If the initial choice cruise unsuitable you have the option changing months within. Without losing the time you’ve had completed. As you grow encouragement is to go outside your own comfort comfort zone connecting beyond your usual circuits.