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Physical – Sportsman

These two awards encourage you to enjoy your physical body and capabilities and develop further your physical fitness and achievement as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle.

You are expected to participate regularly over the required period of time showing personal improvement, knowledge of safety, nutrition and drug avoidance. If competition forms part of the activity, knowledge of the rules is required.

Your assessor will need to certify that you have shown improvement in fitness, safety precautions, the importance of nutrition and avoidance of drugs, and relevant knowledge of tactics, rules and appropriate attitudes.

The minimum time periods required are:
Level 1: 12 hours over 8 weeks
Level 2: 16 hours over 8 weeks
Level 3: 20 hours over 8 weeks
Level 4: 30 hours over 10 weeks
Level 5: 40 hours over 12 weeks

You should check with your Captain if you have any doubt about appropriate activities in addition to the suggested listed activities.


This award is for individual activities. Activities requiring individual performance is considered under the Physical award even though that individual performance may count towards a team score eg. Gymnastics team.

Suggested activities are Athletics, Aerobics, Cycling, BMX, Fencing, Field events, Gymnastics, Motorbiking, Free running, Skateboarding, Swimming, Surfing, Sailboarding, Tennis, Triathlon, Weight Training.


The award is encourage and recognise a healthy attitude towards sportsmanship, involvement in team training and the resulting physical gains.

Examples of activities to act as guide for you are Australian Rules Football, Baseball, Basketball, Corner Ball, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby League Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Water Polo.

This form is a word doc to give to the boys requesting their supervisors to sign, verifying that the required hours are completed.